The goal of this project is to create more effective and grower-focused extension education materials for brown rot of stone fruits. The objectives are to produce (1) high definition images of disease progression from healthy tissue to symptomatic tissue.  (2) time-lapse videos showing disease progression, (3) slow-motion videos capturing explosive inoculum dispersal by rain and wind.  Images and videos will be updated as the project progresses.
To download individual photos or illustrations, click and drag the image to your desktop.  To download all photos, videos, and illustrations of brown rot at once, click the "Brown Rot Download" button below.
Note: Videos can only be downloaded using the "Brown Rot Download" button.
All materials are free to use without restrictions or royalty payments required.  We only ask that you spread the word by citing or acknowledging Madeline Dowling, wherever you use these materials (for example, in the acknowledgments section of a presentation or caption of a figure), and do not sell them or use them commercially.  For more information, please contact us at or click the Creative Commons Attribution link at the bottom of this page.
Thank you!

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